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  • Master Craftsmen of Drawn Metal Components
    Master Craftsmen of Drawn Metal Components

    Since 1963 Eyelet Crafters has been one of the front running innovators of drawn metal components for the cosmetic, aerospace, automotive, medical and writing implement industries.

  • Leaders in the industry for metal finishing
    Leaders in the industry for metal finishing

    Eyelet Crafters can finish metal shells utilizing their professional expertise in buffing, texturing, lacquering and enameling.

  • Decoration Options
    Decoration Options

    Eyelet Crafters offers multiple decorations from custom stamped or rolled embossed/debossed designs to secondary printed/silk screen decorations.

  • Component Assembly
    Component Assembly

    Eyelet Crafters can assemble via mechanical press fitting or utilize the latest adhesive technologies with our manual or automatic assembly equipment.

Product Development & Engineering Services

Eyelet Crafters is one of the most knowledgeable and respected leaders in the Product Development of drawn metal components.  We offer this service in addition to providing engineering in the design and creation of whatever you can imagine. From drawn aluminum to stainless steel . WE CAN DELIVER

Deep Drawn Metal Capabilities

Eyelet Crafters offers the expertise to produce an aesthetically & functional deep drawn metal shell. From rounds to ovals to .060" short draw to 4" long draw to .125" diameter to 3.500" diameter.

We also can offer you your own personal touch by embossing / debossing either in the top or sidewall of the component. WE CAN DELIVER.


Metal Finishing & Decoration Services

Eyelet Crafters offers a broad range of metal finishing & decoration services to provide your brand a unique appearance in the market place.
We can polish or texture a drawn shell then seal it with a durable lacquer coating. Enamel coating, bright or matte anodization and diverse plated finishes are other options.
Decorating using silk screening, hot stamping or laser etching is available. WE CAN DELIVER.

Custom Secondary Assembly

Eyelet Crafters can assemble multiple components with our secondary assembly equipment.  We can hot melt glue plastic inners into the metal or press fit a metal to metal component.   We have a multitude of assembly equipment from a simple multi station assembly dial to a state of the art automatic assembly equipment.  WE CAN DELIVER.

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About eyelet Crafters, INC.

Eyelet Crafters foundation is a family heritage of eyelet craftsmen dating back to 1905. In 1963 Howard B. Finkenzeller struck out on his own to found Eyelet Crafters. He built Eyelet Crafters into a company with a reputation for quality, integrity and a commitment of outstanding service to its customers.

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